Welcome to Heynow Software

Heynow Software specializes in the development of Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac OS X and Windows commercial software products. We also develop commercial apps for Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. We are proven and experienced experts in the areas of designing and implementing user interfaces, network-based applications and multi-platform applications.


Engineering Consulting Services

If you need help in developing your new Mac OS X, iOS, Android and/or BlackBerry commercial software application or porting your existing Windows application to the Mac OS X desktop, you've come to the right place. Our team has decades of experience in delivering high-quality commercial products. Our software is developed with a passion for excellence and with a "can do!" attitude.


We are experts in:

  • Apple Mac OS X desktop application development
  • Apple iOS (iPhone/iTouch/iPad) app development
  • Google Android and RIM BlackBerry app development
  • User Interface design
  • Engineering and project management
  • Professional video and audio software engineering
  • Networked software development
  • Multi-platform product development

We have a proven track record of shipping very high quality commercial-grade software on time and on budget. We deliver applications based on time-proven software design patterns and methods. We have repeatedly proven we can produce products on multiple operating system platforms simultaneously with well designed intuitive user interfaces.

The Heynow Software consulting team includes:


Bill Benoit

Bill is a seasoned Product Manager who got his start developing pro audio devices with two-line displays. As technology progressed and features became more complex, his focus increasingly turned toward UI. In today’s world, features are only as good as they are usable-the UI is the product. Bill employs modern Interaction Design practices to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.


James Hartnett

James background is in physics. He started working on solid state lasers in a R&D lab. The allure of automating data acquisition and analysis in the lab steered his career to software. For the next twenty plus years he has worked on all levels of development from distributed real time systems, N-tier business systems, video, embeded, drivers, desktop and most recently mobile.


Jay Koutavas

Jay is CEO and chief bottle washer for Heynow. He's a software engineer with almost three decades of experience developing commercial desktop products for the likes of DEC, Apple, Avid Technology, and Real Networks. In recent times, Jay has been making cool apps for iOS and Android. Read more about Jay here, or view his resume here.

Louise Koutavas

Louise is a writer with two decades of experience in the computer industry, first writing applications, then documentation on topics from assembling Frialators™, to user's guides, installation guides, and a manual on device drivers for multiprocessor systems. She's a certified teacher specializing in teaching students who struggle with math, further honing her expertise in tailoring communication to a target audience.


Russell Zornes

Russell is a talented engineer with nearly twenty years of commercial software development experience. Before joining Heynow Software, Russell previously worked for such companies as Apple Inc, Adobe Inc and Avid Technology, and has extensive expertise in the areas of user interface design and development. At Heynow he is a principle engineer working on various projects in the mobile space.



Do you have a mobile or desktop Apple, Google, or Microsoft  software product you'd like us to design and/or develop for you? We can build it for you! You can reach us via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or the Heynow contact page.