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Savitar User's Manual

1. General Information

What is Savitar

Savitar 1.3 is Heynow Software's most recent version of our MUD / MUSH / MOO client for Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X. The latest news, changes, and additional information on the current release can be found in the release notes.

Savitar is a Mac OS™ telnet application with features tailored for connecting to internet-based virtual worlds. Often referred to as "MUDs" (Multi-User Dungeons) or "MOOs" (Multiuser Object-Oriented).

A lot of useful information about MUDs can be found at the MUD Connector website. MOO information can be found on MOO-Cows.com.

Comments, suggestions, or a bug report? Send mail to Savitar's lead developer, Jay Koutavas at jay@heynow.com.


The following is a summary of Savitar's features:

  • MCP SimpleEdit support
  • Option to use regular expressions in trigger matching
  • Easy-to-User "World Picker" for first time log ins
  • User selectable window foreground and background colors
  • Supports ANSI escape sequence (color) output
  • Supports send/receive of HTML style tags
  • Supports per-world "autologin" commands
  • Supports per-world input and output event triggers and variables
  • Supports easy to use styling, coloring, gagging, and sound triggers
  • Supports triggerable Mac OS speech output
  • Supports ability to use wildcards in a trigger
  • Triggers and worlds import/export with a mouse drag
  • Provides 18 easy to program macro keys
  • Supports dozens of user-definable macro hot keys and variables
  • Variables are settable via wildcards
  • Supports "auto-text" entry of variables during input
  • All data is stored in easy-to-edit XML (eXtensiable Markup Language)
  • Can create, edit, and save text documents
  • Internet Config aware
  • Takes full advantage of Mac OS drag and drop
  • Has split screens, command line recall, multi-sessions, file upload, capture, and all that jazz too

System Requirements:

Version 1.3 of Savitar is for Power Macintoshes running Mac OS 9.2.2 or Mac OS X.

Getting Savitar

The current release of Savitar is always available from the Heynow Software website: http://www.heynow.com/Savitar/download.html

About the Name "Savitar"

Savitar is a Vedic god from Hindu mythology. It is said that Savitar is another personification of the sun. His name means the "Inspirer," and is derived from the root sa -- to drive or stimulate. As the sun-god he is spoken of as the golden-eyed, golden-tongued, and golden-handed.

It is also written of Savitar: "Whatever moves or acts is dependent on this deity with golden eyes, golden hands, and golden tongues."

Thus, we have the name "Savitar" -- an inspired telnet application that handles motion and action within the Internet's many online worlds.

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