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Savitar is the Premier MUD / MUSH / MOO Client for the Macintosh!

The current version of Savitar is 1.6.3 [download]

Release date 13-November-2017

A Letter from the author of Savitar:

Welcome to Savitar's web site!

Savitar is the premier shareware MUD / MUSH / MOO client for Macintosh computers. Savitar is available for both OS 9 ("Classic") and all versions of OS X (10.1 through 10.9) as well as macOS (10.10+).

Is this your first time here? Then I'd like to direct you to the About page of this site for information about what Savitar does and what you'll need to get started. If you'd like to see some images of Savitar in action, check out the Screenshots page.

In a hurry? You can directly download the latest version of our fine product.

Looking for more information? Savitar's manual is available online, as are our online forums for sharing questions and answers with fellow users. Be sure to also visit our Frequently Asked Question page to get detailed up-to-the-minute information and answers to questions regarding Savitar.

Shareware registration of Savitar is inexpensive and easy to do. Go to the registration page and register your copy of Savitar today!

Best to you,

Jay Koutavas