Worlds To See (Where To Connect)


The following are descriptions and links to favorite worlds submitted by Savitar users. Enjoy!



Alter Aeon


Posted by Kismet

An extremely newbie friendly mud, It was my very first for the reason that the prompts like auto exit hp/mana/mov and those things were easy to spot and read, even without ansi color (for a mac user of old had no ansicolor :) ) The people are friendly, the code base is rockin', the areas are cool and wide spread (Lots of exploring oportunities). It's a multiclass mud, so those who don't like the concept of being everything at once, it's probably not for you, but go check it out. I found it very easy to start and get into the swing of things there. FYI (The Mud University is an incredible area to start, it's creative and safe/big enough for young players to explore and kill a variety of creatures). A strong recommendation to a staple there.


Ancient Anguish


Posted by James F. Naron, III

AA has been around for over 5 years now, and has a very strong player base, with as many as 100+ users on average. It features a very large world that is always growing, and features some of the best Quality Control around for the most stable and impressive gameplay.




Posted by Phil Bracewell

Small player base buy very advanced mudlib with helpful players and wizards. The lawarch there is Macaddict ;) (i.e. Yuanh)




Posted by Sinjin

Originally designed back in 1994 with Toon characters and Furry animals in mind, it has grown to become a HUGE world and surrounding Universe (w/ more worlds) with over 3000 characters of every type, over 68000 objects total, and themed areas for every taste. We pride ourselves on making sure all areas, objects and characters are richly described and detailed. All this is headed by the most capable group of admin Wizards & Staff, who work day and night to bring the best quality life to you. Nothing is ever lost, characters can build homes, find work, open businesses, have relationships, marriages, kids, grow really old, etc. Over 100 people are connecting every day and the fun and excitement never stops.

There are two programming languages (MUF and mpi) to endlessly extend the capabilities of anything you create.

Stop by and 'test-drive' a guest character today, but remember: Getting a character of your own multiplies what you can do many times over.


Harper's Tale


Posted by Morgane

Simply the best Pern MOO.

[editor's note: Savitar's artwork was done by a certain archwizard on this moo. ;-) ]




Posted by Phil Bracewell

large MUD that has been around for quite a while, large player base with lots of guilds and areas. No playerkilling is allowed except in arena.




Posted by Muddy

JediMUD is a DikuMud that's been around for about 5 years, the people are friendly, there are usually about 40 people logged on. It's was Mud of the Month over at I've tried many other muds but none can compare with it. It's not really related to Star Wars as the name implies, although there is a Jedi class and a Star Wars zone. There's no multiplay or pkill allowed.

They often have quests, you can buy/sell things on auction channel, etc. There's absolutely no mud better than this one. See for yourself.


Mediterranean Nights


Posted by Morgan

Mediterranean Nights is a World of Darkness, offering Vampire, Mage, Fae, Sorcerers, Shifters and Mortals, which are played according to the "White Wolf" (tm) game.

We are a new Mu*, but have a solid, loyal player base and wonderful staff who write tp's and head up each sphere. The setting is the paradise of the rich, but what lies beneath the beauty and apparent fun is the underlying question. Darkness, mystery and intrigue abound in our make-believe Monaco.


Realms of Karnos


Posted by Sverre Gunnersen

Theme: Adventure Fantasy


Info: No PKill (except in Arena or Battlefield), no Multiplay, Fully customizable colour, world file of over 14000 rooms (all original), over 250 registered players, good mortal-mortal and mortal-immortal relationships, extended classes, extended races, newbie friendly, quests available, equipment saved, level based training system, and a mostly original codebase.