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Savitar User's Manual

7. Useful Tips


If you experience a problem with one or more of your triggers not working, you can issue the command "<cmd-marker>dump triggers" and Savitar will display a textual representation of your world's triggers. You can then send this text off to jay@heynow.com as a bug report describing what you expected to happen and what did or didn't happen. You can also issue a "dump worlds" or "dump macros" for diagnostic purposes.

Savitar creates a "Savitar 2.0 Prefs" file in your System's Preferences folder. It is possible to copy this file to the folder your Savitar application is in this copy of the preferences will be used the next time you run the application, allowing you to set up different configurations for different copies/versions of Savitar.

Performance Considerations

Savitar's output scrolling performance is affected by the number of enabled triggers you have.

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