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9. In Closing

Bug Reports

All complex pieces of code can have bugs and other problems. The developers have worked very hard to ferret out and fix as many of the bugs in the code as possible. Beta testing of the client usually finds most all of the problems, but with many varied users of Savitar, it is possible for some quirky combination of factors to crop up and cause headaches.

For the cases where you do find bugs, we would like you to take the time to give us as much data as possible about the bug. Please double check to be sure it really is a bug and not a new feature or design decision. This is important to the process, as it may mean that something was missed in the documentation and needs to be made clearer. The simple test is that if the client crashes, it's a bug and if you can't tell, report it as one.

Try to reproduce and document the sequence of events that will demonstrate the bug. This will help the dev team identify the problem sooner. It may be easier to document problems by selecting 'Echo all input' in the World Settings, Input tab. You may also be able to use the 'Capture to file' feature found in the 'Text' menu.

We try to fix serious problems as soon as possible after we get notification of a bug. After all, it's not fun when the client crashes or does something you didn't expect it to. Send mail about it to: jay@heynow.com or use the Savitar Conference Message Board.

We at Heynow Software hope you have many rewarding experiences using Savitar and enjoy yourself using it as much as we have enjoyed developing it for you.

Best to you.

The Savitar Development Team

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